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About Us

Hello, we are Sentro Group

Sentro Group is a conglomerate comprising multiple companies working independently in various sectors like Aviation (GSA Passenger & Cargo), Tourism, Aviation Technology and Real- Estate with presence across India, Russia, Uzbekistan and UAE.

The Sentro Group is the brand identity and common platform for credibility and support to each other.

We started as a leading Cargo & Passenger GSA with the vision of providing world-class services in the Aviation sector and gradually diversified our services in multiple areas. With 23 years of domain expertise in the Aviation sector, today our companies represent a plethora of airlines along with strong foothold in Tourism, Real Estate and Aviation Technology.

At the heart of all of this, is our people. We take much pride in fostering an inspiring workplace, with an agile and high performance culture. We are also deeply committed to recognising and valuing diversity across our teams.

Our Vision

To bring inspiration and innovation in every business we do .


To provide world class services – both in the air and on the ground through industry specific affiliations and partnerships.

Enhancing customer experience using technological innovations, market insights and our expertise.

Our Core Values

Guided by strong values of Integrity, Passion, Innovation, Humility and a focus on excellence, we have created a vibrant company culture where ideas flow freely.

Our Core Competencies

We have successfully established ourselves in the varied business sectors

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