We are Incoming Tour Operator and member of Russian Tour Operators Association, licensed by Russian Federal Agency of Tourism, Russia. We are the support arm of Visit Russia a destination management company in Russia. 

Key Services

  • Land arrangement
  • Contract and Negotiate with other vendors
  • Handling of Arrival and departure procedure
  • Planning and organizing local package tour
  • Escorting the tourists
  • Providing market information
  • Costing and pricing of package tour


We were GSA Passenger Uzbekistan Airways in Russia from 2006-2021 with a comprehensive suite of services covering all aspects of Sales, Marketing, and Operations. Prestige supports offline and online agent’s sales in cooperation with Sentro Service(IATA BSP Agent in Russia) covers all the channels of sales:

  • Agent sales on dedicated stock of the airline
  • IATA BSP sales on neutral BSP stock
  • TCH sales on neutral TCH stock (local clearing house)

Our Esteemed Clients